Financial Strategy Beyond the Numbers

Get the information and insight needed to run your business effectively.


To deliver high-level, professional CFO services to small and mid-size companies so that business owners and executives can make sound decisions based on reliable, relevant, and timely information.

Services Offered

  • Financial reporting and analysis
    • Financial statements, ratio & trend analysis, executive summaries & alerts
    • Project/segment profitability
  • Cash analysis and projection
    • Historic cash analysis and projected cash flow
    • Management of a company’s most critical asset
  • Accounting system and process
    • Analysis of information system
    • Best practices for complete, reliable, and relevant information
  • Back office/workflow development
    • Workflow and skills analysis
    • Design and implement efficient and effective processes
  • Process mapping
    • Gap and overlap analysis
    • Controls, efficiency, and effectiveness
  • Internal control assessment
    • Design and implement best practice control procedures
    • Evaluate continued adherence to control procedures
  • Asset protection & risk mitigation
    • Risk analysis and loss prevention
    • Disaster recovery and business continuity planning
  • Compensation & incentive plans
    • Compensation structures
    • Pay-for-performance plan implementation
  • Compliance
    • Tax/regulatory and professional standards compliance
    • Coordination with tax accountants and other professionals
  • Staff development/training
    • Customized training with a financial perspective specifically for non-financial people
    • Financial management mentoring